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Founded in 2005, ACES is a pioneering independent provider of NHS ophthalmic care in the community and one of the first centres nationally to take innovative fast track cataract surgery out of a hospital setting. Delivering the highest standard of clinical eye care with expert consultant ophthalmologists putting patient care at the heart of everything we do. 

With NHS waiting lists for cataracts surgery growing at an alarming rate, ACES offer patients an alternative option, providing them with life changing cataract surgery in as little as four weeks. We are enormously proud to be able to provide our patients with immediate care and support the NHS.

As well as cataract surgery, ACES provide all general eye health and ophthalmology services including:

  • Cataract
  • Yag Laser Treatment 
  • Glaucoma
  • Oculoplastics
  • General Ophthalmology 

Treatment at an ACES clinic does not cost the patient, nor cost the NHS more than if treatment was undertaken at an NHS hospital.  

Why Choose ACES

ACES treat patients quickly, efficiently and with outstanding care. ACES aim to treat NHS patients within four weeks, removing the need for patients to visit an NHS hospital. If a patient requires cataract surgery, they will be offered the opportunity to choose a suitable appointment date, location and time in an ACES clinic that is most convenient to them. 

With patient care our priority, ACES are committed to providing exceptional and timely community emergency and routine ophthalmology outpatient services. With the latest in ophthalmic technology we are able to consistently provide excellent clinical outcomes for all of our patients giving them the best possible quality of life. 

The main objectives of the services are to:

  • Reduce waiting times for patients with eye conditions.
  • Deliver exceptional care without the requirement for a hospital stay. 
  • Have a positive impact on patients lives.
  • Provide care closer to home for the patient in line with DoH guidelines.
  • Reduce overall waiting times in the health economy.
  • Create additional capacity in secondary care.
  • Aim to provide a fast and efficient patient focused pathway in collaboration with patient representatives and primary care professionals.
  • Use new technologies and the latest equipment, maintain the highest levels of care at the cutting edge of ophthalmology.

It is easy to refer your patients to ACES and we accept referrals for all NHS patients.


All healthcare professionals referring NHS patients to ACES should use the NHS e-referral service in the first instance.

If the E-Referral service is not available referrals for patients can be made by contacting us directly:

01945 466222


Full details on how to refer your patients can be found here.

For patients, receiving immediate eye care is truly life changing. Living with an eye condition can greatly effect an individual’s physical health, self-confidence and can have a serious impact on their mental health. Untreated conditions also pose the risk of further complications, and increase the chance of suffering a fall, creating a greater burden on NHS services.

Currently, tens of thousands of patients across the United Kingdom are on NHS waiting lists for essential eye care procedures, such as cataract surgery. The longer these patients go without surgery, the more likely it is that their eyesight will further deteriorate, or that they will experience an adverse event due to their poor vision.  

At ACES, our mission is to ensure all patients are given a choice when it comes to their eye care. Obtaining access to ACES allows patients to have treatment quicker and allows them to live their lives to the fullest immediately. 

All patients have the legal right to choose where they have their NHS treatment. This allows patients more options and gives them the choice to select the location for treatment that best suits their circumstances.

ACES are proud to be able to offer exceptional clinical ophthalmology care to NHS patients in the East of England. Giving them the choice to have their treatment in a location that is more suitable to them, and often, in a much shorter period of time, with the average cataract patient being treated in just four weeks after their initial consultation.

Treatment at ACES does not cost the NHS any more than a referral to a standard NHS hospital.

You can request that your Optometrist, GP or NHS provider make the referral for you at any time, including if you have been waiting a long time for your required treatment.

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