Environmental Statement


ACES is fully committed to minimising our environmental impact and becoming carbon negative. We champion sustainability by identifying and addressing any environmental issues that result from any of our business activities, products or services. We aspire to educate our colleagues, our patients, the communities we serve, and the wider ophthalmic industry about the environmental impact of glasses and contact lenses. These outdated vision correction appliances are damaging our planet and we seek to influence a collective positive change for the benefit of all. 


The Policy applies to all colleagues (whether temporary, fixed-term or permanent), consultants, contractors, trainees, casual workers, agency staff, volunteers or any other persons associated with ACES.


The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that all relevant activities, products and services of the organisation are identified and carried out in compliance with the relevant environmental legislation and other requirements including, but not limited to, prevention of pollution. ACES strives to reduce the environmental impact of its business activities and improve environmental efficiency through objectives, targets, systems and programmes.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Increasing the availability of sustainable services and solutions to our patients
  • Maintaining plant and machinery to the highest standard to ensure any risk to the environment is minimised
  • Installing working systems that feature good environmental practice, which also allow for changing environmental conditions
  • Increasing the environmental efficiency of its business facilities to reduce the consumption of energy and other natural resources (e.g. water, waste)
  • Complying with the relevant environmental standards and regulations as well as with legislative requirements
  • To act as industry/market leaders by achieving organic growth through a sustainable and responsible business model and by educating our colleagues and patients

To achieve these targets ACES is committed to continual improvement in order to enhance our environmental performance. Where opportunities are identified, environmental initiatives may be extended to benefit the wider community.

Environmental Champions

Environmental Champions are in place across a range of business areas and regions. They will be the local point of contact for colleagues wishing to raise any concerns or suggest process improvements. The Environmental Champions will be responsible for driving objectives, targets, systems and programmes within their business area in addition to the relevant business area owners.

Policy Review

This policy was updated in June 2022 and will be reviewed on at least an annual basis or as required to ensure it reflects current business requirements and incorporates all relevant legislation. We reserve the right to make such changes at any time.