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Patients With Eye Conditions Do Not Need To Wait To Have Treatment

All patients have a choice about where they want to have their treatment, even when their treatment is being provided by the NHS.

Currently, tens of thousands of patients across the United Kingdom are on NHS waiting lists for essential eye care procedures, such as cataract surgery. The longer these patients go without surgery, the more likely it is that their eyesight will further deteriorate, or that they will experience an adverse event due to their poor vision, such as suffering a fall.  

For patients, receiving excellent, timely eye care is truly life changing. Living with an eye condition can reduce patients’ self-confidence and discourage outdoor exercise, having a serious detrimental impact on both overall physical and mental health.

At ACES, our mission is to ensure all patients in England are given a choice when it comes to their eye care.  

We want patients to spend as little time as possible waiting for treatment for eye conditions after they are diagnosed and allow patients to live their lives to the fullest, without unnecessary suffering.

ACES aim to treat cataract patients in as little as 4 weeks!

Why Choose ACES For Your Cataract Treatment?

  • Short waiting times
  • Fast track cataract surgery
  • No hospital stay required
  • Expert Ophthalmic Surgeons
  • Excellent clinical outcomes
  • No junior surgeons in training
  • Modern, state of the art, equipment
  • Choice of location, time and date to suit you


If you’d like information on referrals to ACES visit our referral guide here. 

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