Introductory Co-Management Professional Fee

Terms & Conditions

1 If the patient undergoes a unilateral procedure to each of their two eyes, a fee of £100 is applicable to each procedure for the Co-Management of this patient’s eye.

2 In the event that both eyes are treated within four weeks of each other, one professional consultation will be undertaken by you and one Co-Management fee (upon submission of your clinical report) will be applicable. 

3 Where both eyes are treated out with four weeks of each other, for example six weeks apart, two professional consultations will be undertaken by you and two Co-Management fees (upon submission of your two clinical reports) will be applicable. 

4 The enhanced introductory fee for Co-Management is applicable to all patient referrals made to the above clinics that are received up to and including 31 March 2024 regardless of the date of treatment.

5 The enhanced fee will be reviewed immediately prior to the 31st March 2024 and we will update you on any changes.

6 We will pay your fee within 7 days of you submitting the clinical report, which is you making the claim after the post-cataract check has been carried out.