Ms Lizelle Meyer

BSc.(Hons) MCOptom

Independent Practitioner

About Ms Meyer

Since achieving a first class bachelor’s degree in Optometry in 2004, Lizelle has built an impressive career developing vast amounts of clinical experience which she utilises to provide patients with an outstanding level of care.

Lizelle has been fortunate to gain work experience both nationally and internationally, providing her with unrivalled opportunities to expand her clinic knowledge. Having worked and volunteered for many prominent charities across the globe, Lizelle is passionate about the right for safe and effective eye care for all.

Lizelle has completed a number of professional qualifications in areas including glaucoma, cataracts and YAG Laser Treatments. She has also accomplished the Independent Prescribing qualification allowing her to provide a higher level of service and care to her patients. 

As an Optometrist at, day to day Lizelle diagnoses and provides treatment plans for a full range of eye diseases as well as assisting clinicians in complex cases.