Paul Bristow MP opens newly expanded eye clinic in Peterborough

Paul Bristow MP has officially opened the newly expanded ACES eye clinic in Peterborough which now offers life-changing vision correction surgery as well as consultations for patients. The clinic has recently been approved by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), and will improve access to eye care in Peterborough.

Founded in 2007, ACES is a pioneering independent provider of NHS ophthalmic care in the community and one of the first centres nationally to take innovative fast track cataract surgery out of a hospital setting.

The Peterborough clinic will offer consultations and it is anticipated that the new clinic will treat patients on NHS waiting lists. The clinic has the capacity to significantly reduce NHS eye care waiting times in Peterborough, particularly for those in need of cataract surgery. Cataracts worsen over time and can cause blindness without proper care, meaning timely treatment is vital.

The new clinic will also create new highly skilled, specialist jobs in the area as the company recruits new members to join its expert clinical team.

Paul Bristow, MP for Peterborough, said:

“It is a really impressive facility but what I am most impressed about is the difference ACES is going to make too many of my constituents. Far too many people here in Peterborough are waiting too long for treatments that can be carried out here. I think it’s fantastic that this is open and it will reduce those waiting times hugely, it will make the world of difference for my constituents.”

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