My Career at ACES | Jasmine | NHS Partnership Executive

We spoke with Jasmine, the NHS Partnership Executive (previously known as Customer Relationship Manager) in Manchester for ACES and why it is so important to support the NHS.

Founded in 2007, ACES is an independent provider of NHS ophthalmic care and one of the first centres nationally to take innovative fast track cataract surgery out of a hospital setting.

ACES offer patients an alternative option and our proud to be able to provide immediate care and relieve the pressure from the NHS, with Jasmine commenting that “we are trying to relieve the pressure from the NHS and help them out where we can then do the services for them”

With an increasing number of patients on NHS waiting lists, it is important that patients know that they have a choice and can be referred to ACES by their GP or optometrist. Jasmine described the services ACES provide as “a win-win”, as we “give patients a shorter waiting time for surgery as well as taking that pressure off the NHS”.

Jasmine’s role as NHS Partnership Executive allows her to go out and speak with other opticians, making sure they are up to date about ACES and where would be best for their patients to go. She enjoys getting to know them on a personal basis and building trustworthy relationships from small independents to the bigger corporate companies.

She described working at ACES as “really rewarding” as you know you’re helping patients. “It’s a good group of people all working to make a difference and to help the NHS” mentioned Jasmine.

Treatment at an ACES clinic does not cost the patient, nor cost the NHS more than if treatment was undertaken at an NHS hospital, so “if we can get you treated within weeks you’ve not got much to lose”, stated Jasmine, “you could be starting your new journey being able to see again a lot quicker than if you haven’t gone on waiting”.

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